Lyd & Mo Photography Studio


Our philosophy is clear and simple: To produce the best images that define and express your special day.  We work very hard to come away with images that convey the energy, the spirit and the warmth of the day.


Consistency in Style and Elegance.  Lyd & Mo have a body of work that spans more than a decade of weddings.  This is accomplished by two very important factors. 

A) Both Lyd and Mo photograph each wedding themselves. They are with you all day until the very end. You will never be surprised by a photography team of “associates” that you’ve not met.

B) ALL POST-PRODUCTION is done at the Pasadena studio by both Lyd and Mo.


Post-Production.  It’s always Lyd and Mo.  All post-production is done at the Pasadena studio by both Lyd and Mo. We do not allow a “studio manager” or an “associate” to do any post production.  It is done only by the two photographers who were at your event (Lyd and Mo) as they are the only photographers who know exactly how every image was meant to be produced.  Post-production is as important as production. It should never be dismissed as an “after thought," or handled by an associate.  Every image delivered to the client has undergone a process of post-production.  No image leaves the studio not completely finished.


Keep It Real! Lyd and Mo have access to all the plug-ins, filters and special after-effects that all photographers have, professional and amateur, but they are aware that trends come and go.  What is trendy today may appear outdated and even silly in only a couple of years. Their style is a realistic and authentic look, and their clients understand and appreciate this. Lyd and Mo's images capture intimate moments with the energy and passion that conveys a personal feel.


Lydia + Mario

With over 20 years experience as a professional photographer in Southern California, Mario began as a photojournalist for local newspapers then moved to his own studio to pursue photographing lifestyles and editorial photography both in studio and on location at events, weddings, portraits, and photojournalism shoots. He has received numerous awards including a Best Of LA from The Knot.

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