Destination: A Little Surfing and a Wedding

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Tronconnes Mexico WeddingTronconnes Mexico WeddingTronconnes, Mexico Surf Village wedding photography Kristen + Brian Destination:  A Little Surfing and a Wedding

Tronconnes, Mexico, is a sleepy surfside village on the Pacific coast, north of Acapulco.  The village is mostly dirt roads, small family markets, a handful of beachside inns and bungalows, and lots of waves.  Perfect for the many Southern California surfers who frequent this scenic stretch of sand to enjoy the best waves south of the boarder and the most premium Mexican beers that very few have heard of. 

Arriving at the Airport, we were met by dozens of taxi drivers eager to take us to the small village.  It was a bumpy and dusty forty-five minute drive from the small local airport; quite a contrast to LAX, where we had departed only a few hours earlier.  Destination weddings are always adventurous and exciting, what’s not to love?

Just after checking in to the quaint and colorful bungalow, already there was plenty to photograph under the Mexican moon.  The waves crashed on the red rocks at the shoreline as family and friends gathered to toast well wishes to the couple, dance to live music, and enjoy the warm summer evening.  Waiters served h'ordevors and drinks as the five-piece band of acoustic guitars, violins and string harp played well into the night.  It was Kristen and Brian’s pre-wedding bash.  Away from the veranda party, a few couples walked hand in hand on the nearly isolated shore, held each other against the deep blue sky, the music playing in the distance.

The day of the wedding was full of excitement and nervous energy.  Last minute preparations and a few drinks for the groomsmen.  High-fives, hugging, warm laughter, and still a few waves to be caught before the ceremony.  The staff at the hotel kept busy setting the tables, hanging the lanterns, finishing the cake, decorating the canopy with flowers of violet and blue, and the musicians were tuning up and practicing songs of Mexican folk and mariachi music, dressed in casual attire, ready for the outdoor reception under the big blue sky.

It was show time.  The sun was bright and warm.  The groom and his groomsmen lined up on the sand under the beautiful canopy, adorned with flowers and vines, the drapes dancing in the sea breeze.  With grace and casual laughter, the bride came down the stairs in her white gown, her father waiting at the foot of the steps to take her down the aisle, now a delicate and fluffy carpet of pink, violet and blue flower petals.  Her long hair tied back, her bouquet held elegantly at her side, she joined her husband under the canopy and they exchanged vows with beautiful words of love, harmony and happiness.  After an elegant kiss and wonderful cheers from the guests, they walked down the aisle as husband and wife.  


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